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A hard and fast rule in creating income for your website is to have a steady flow of website traffic. Your website has a minimal chance of creating income if no one goes to visit it. There have been quite a number of sites that have failed at this attempt, and the end result? The website closes down. Admittedly, you need money to maintain an income producing site. In other words, you need money to make money.

The good news here is that you do not need a truckload of money for you to start creating traffic for your website.

Just how do big websites drive traffic? Majority of these spend big amounts of money just to make sure that traffic is driven to their site. They would invest in various advertisement campaigns, marketing schemes, and promotions. For them, all this spending is worth it since they are hitting and earning big.

You, on the other hand, might not be as financially capable. Relax! No need to worry. You can still drive traffic to your website at a relatively low cost. You don’t even have to get into a rut just because you needed to spend so much on your website advertisements and what-not.

Read on if you really want to know the top 5 ways to create a low cost website traffic that really helps. You might think that you’re only getting a small percentage of visitors to client ratio but it still works particularly if they cause a high number of website traffic.

Link Exchange

A proven and sure method. Almost always a site contains a link to another site. Most webmasters exchange links with one another so that they can attract more visitors and increase public awareness for their site. You’ll be surprised at how much this can increase the traffic to your site from the other linked sites.

To be able to exchange links with other sites, you must have the same content or “niche”. Sharing a common subject with other sites allows continuity of information and service for the site visitor or target audience.

Exchange links also helps increase your chances of receiving a high ranking in search engine results. It is a fact that sites with high inbound and outbound theme-related links rank high in search engines.  That good rank in search engines assures you of generating higher traffic to your site without having to spend more.

One caveat: some search engines frown on link exchanges, and although there has been far too much hysteria about this in the past, it is best to be cautious these days. Avoid exchanges with sites that are not related in content to yours, or to your industry or field at least. And don’t plaster the links all over your site.

Exchange Website Traffic

Similar to exchanging links but at a higher level is what is otherwise known as traffic exchange. It is a bit costly but it allows you to earn credits that almost cancel out the amount you spent. You could use the earned credits while viewing other traffic at the same time you earn credits while someone else views yours.

Basically traffic exchange services require you to view another page or website in addition to allowing the other site to use your content and vice versa. Everybody benefits from all the efforts made to generate traffic to their respective websites. People that visit your site will not only be informed of your site but also those of which you have an exchange agreement with. This will definitely result in increased public awareness of your site.

Article Writing And Submission

There are numerous online encyclopedias and e-zines that provide free space for article submissions. You can do the articles yourself if you want to save on costs. Freelance writers are also available to write for you in exchange for a small fee; however, it is much better for you to write the articles yourself so that you can save money.

Writing articles connected with your site niche is the best place to get started. You can concentrate on topics that you have knowledge of so that the reader will find it interesting enough for them to visit your site. You can even write articles that give out guidelines or tips in relation to your subject area.

Always include a resource box at the end of each article you have written so that the reader has a link to your site. Provide a brief but definitely interesting introduction about your site and yourself that would tickle the reader’s imagination and make them want more.

Produce A Newsletter

Contrary to popular belief, producing a newsletter is easy, particularly with access to innumerable sites and writers that are more than willing to have their articles published as long as these are credited to them. Technically you get to trade services for free advertising.

Eventually, the more the newsletter gets circulated among people and sites, the more aware the public becomes aware of your website.

Online Forums And Communities Participation

You only need to allot a small amount of time and nothing more. Here you learn to share your expertise and knowledge with online communities in addition to your website. Unintentionally, you get free advertising every time you join forums and communities that have the same niche or subject with your site.

Put in your two cents worth and let others see how knowledgeable you really are on the subject at hand. Sooner or later, you build reputation among the forums and communities, and at the same time building your site’s reputation. This way you can prove that you have an honest and reputable business worth frequenting and putting their trust in.

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