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MLM training materials usually come in all shapes and sizes. There are some that are second to none, but there are some that don’t measure up at all. Since these materials are integral to building your MLM business, it is essential that you know how to choose and use them properly.

There are a few things that you should consider before spending any money on MLM training tools. The top six items that must be addressed are title, approach, quality,  history, return policy, and of course content.    

1. Title of the MLM training material.

Does the title sound appealing to you? The title is normally the first chance the author has to make their product stand out.  Unique, catchy titles are what you want to look for as these indicate the materials themselves are well-written and are going to be interesting, but as always, there are exceptions to the rule.

Contact the site you are considering buying from and compare the best titles to their sales.

2. Quality of resources.

The quality of recording, visuals, printing,  and content are all very important MLM training materials. You have to make sure that all included resources are of professional quality.   Ensure that the content is not simply the same content borrowed from another program.  Training materials, in fact, create the foundation for your MLM business.  Poor quality foundations usually create shaky structures.

3. New Approach.

Any great MLM business should have training tools and materials with a fresh look and approach.  Make sure that the tools you select have that new, fresh feel.  The training materials in your package should be unique to the package you are considering, instead of included in several seemingly unrelated training programs.

4. Business history.

Do you know someone that has used this provider previously? Do they ship responsibly and promptly?  Are the materials correctly packaged and arrive intact?

If shipping costs much more than $15.00 in total for your whole order, then you should verify whether you’re being overcharged. Remember that you will likely be ordering again and again as your business grows and demands additional materials for additional people.  A slight delay or overcharge  in shipping once can create larger problems over the long-term.  Note that International orders are an exception as shipping rates can be quite costly depending on the destination.

5. Return policy.

Ensure that you can return defective MLM training materials with no questions asked. Of course, this is a must. It not only secures you, but also indicates that the company stands behind what they sell.

6. Content.

It should be obvious to ensure that the MLM training materials cover all aspects of MLM success. The company must have products on training, recruiting, leadership, building an organization, personal development, and other subjects pertinent for MLM success. The content should be available in variety of media, including books, cassette tapes, CDs, and DVDs.

There are countless businesses offering quality MLM training materials on the Internet. The ten MLM Tools sites listed below were chosen for their inventory of quality materials that provide a good training experience for MLM Success.

This list is by no means exhaustive; there are definitely many more exemplary providers of MLM training materials on the Internet.  You may want to use search engines to find additional sources of MLM training materials.

Whenever and however you search for MLM training materials, also capitalize on the personal experience of other MLM professionals.  Ask them what materials they have used, what measurable results there were, and what they themselves would suggest to others.

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