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What has the holidays got to do with your very own MLM network marketing? What can you do to speed up your MLM network marketing business even during the Holiday season and gets it going during what most people think as the “sluggish time” of the year for network marketing?

Here are some recommendations for your MLM network marketing efforts during the holidays.

1. Neighborhood holiday mailer.

Go to the library, and browse the cross-reference index for your address. You will observe that there are a lot more in that index than live in your neighborhood.

Make a copy of the addresses, as they are your neighbors, then send them a Christmas card introducing yourself as their neighborhood representative, and greet them a happy holiday.

Then follow up later and check if you can set an appointment to chat with them about your MLM networking products. Telephone numbers are usually included on the cross-index reference guides found in your library. You are their neighbor, therefore,  that gives you an instant connection with them.

2. Holiday upline open house.

If you have an organization, you could either open your house or someone who has a bigger home and invite your MLM network marketing distributors to an open house.

Have them bring some guests. Have a party that celebrates the holidays but, in fact,  is sponsored by your company. Let it be a fun social with games and music, and then connect with the guest to follow up with later.

3. The holiday success card.

Send people you know, and also prospects, a seasonal card, and include within it an article about success, leadership, goal setting,  time management, or any other success oriented topic. This will  make you different from your competitors.

4. Holiday audio cards.

Send out with your Christmas cards a CD you recorded especially for that individual, and wish them happy holidays. Then tell them you would love to talk with them at the start of the year because you want to give them the gift of success.

This is a great way to introduce the idea of MLM network marketing success to these folks.

5. Visit community holiday functions.

The thing is to associate at every opportunity. You need to connect to new prospects during the holidays and community affairs are a great way to do this. Get out now,  and become a “holiday MLM network marketing machine.”

Network and meet individuals and make new friends and give away something to them as a holiday gift. Make sure every individual you talk to has a gift and your card. And that you acquire some form of contact info as well. Look at your Sunday newspaper for where these events are.

6. Hold a holiday customer appreciation reception.

You can, of course, do this at your home. Simply invite your best MLM clients to a holiday appreciation event, and make them the center of that party.

Have small gifts for them, and let them realize how much you appreciate their business. Then ask them for new referrals for the coming season. You will get them from every single person who was at that party.

7. Fruit baskets.

You can get inexpensive fruit baskets, add your coupons or samples, and decorate it in the colors of your MLM network marketing company.

Include an invite to a seminar that they can attend for free. Give them out to friends, clients, neighbors, associates,  customers, and family. You will surely be very glad you did.

Awaken your MLM network marketing business even during the holidays. You will be amazed at the growth potential for your business.

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